Saturday, January 30, 2010

The most versatile stair and safety gates on the market

The VersaGate stair and safety gates is the most versatile gate on the market today. This modular system has a variety of extensions, enabling endless configurations: it can span large areas, it can navigate difficult spaces, and it can even be made into a pen!

Common uses for these new and inventive safety gates include surrounding fireplaces, at the bottom of stairs where configurations are difficult and across large openings such as a living room entry area.

The VersaGate features a 40” door section with a large 24” opening and rubber-coated, stabilizing feet to increase stability and prevent scratching floors. The basic VersaGate system (VG65) comes with a door panel (40”) and two medium extensions (20”).

Three additional sizes of extensions are also available: the VG40 (40 inches) VG20 (20 inches) and the VG13 (10 inches). Gate color is white, and the plastic is white.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Stair Gates Recall

The following is taken from a press release from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, issued on August 6, 2009. For complete details, visit the enclosed link.

Dorel Juvenile Group Expands Recall of Safety 1st Stair Gates Due to Fall Hazard
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Safety 1st SmartLight Stair Gates

Units: About 31,500 (100,000 units were previously recalled in February 2009)

Importer: Dorel Juvenile Group USA, of Columbus, Ind.

Hazard: The hinges that hold the stair gate in place can break, posing a fall hazard to children if the gate is placed at the top of the stairs.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: The recall involves the Safety 1st SmartLight Stair Gate with model number 42111, which is printed on a sticker under the handle panel. The gates, which were manufactured before December 20, 2008, are white metal with a gray handle and a motion sensor nightlight that illuminates on approach. The manufacture date is located below the gate's handle as a date wheel imprinted in the plastic; an arrow indicates the month, and the year is stamped inside the circle. The manufacture date is also printed on a sticker inside the battery door.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Installing Stair Gates and Safety Gates for Maximum Protection

When it comes to installing stair gates for protection of
children and pets, it is important to make sure you are
doing everything possible to install them properly. Stair
gates may seem to be easy enough to install but they often
times come with a long set of instructions and options. Why
is this? Can the installation process of stair gates and
safety gates really be that difficult?

First consider that the stair gates and safety gates can be
installed in a number of ways. It can depend on how you
want the gate to open or whether you simply want the safety
gates to stay in place and never be moved. It is also
important to pay close attention to the area in which you
will be installing your gate. The various materials to which
the gate will be attached determine the way that it should
be installed.

If installing to the wall you will generally need to make
sure that there are wood studs beneath the drywall so that
the stair gates attach securely and safely. If there is not
enough support under the drywall, or your anchors are not
strong, the stair gates will pull away from the wall
pressure is applied. This is not something that is worth
risking, especially if you have small children or larger

Because of the safety issues, it is important to make sure
that you are following the installation instructions step by
step. This is the only way to make sure that you are
completing the installation process properly. Even if you
feel as though you have installed enough of these stair
in your lifetime, it is vital to make sure that you
are again reading the instructions. You just never know when
another step has been added in order to increase
effectiveness or to address safety concerns.

Additionally, to ensure that you are installing the stair
properly, you may want to research the Internet for
new tips. With all of the "how to" content, you should have
no problem finding additional resources or video
demonstrations installing stair gates. By watching the
process from start to finish you will be better equipped
with the knowledge needed in order to complete the task at

To summarize, be sure to inspect the installation area,
have the proper tools on hand, follow the directions, and
perhaps watch a demonstration video, you will be able to
install the stair gates without any problems. If you are
still unsure as to the proper installation of the stair
, have someone with you to walk you through the
directions as you work. By making it a team effort, you can
proof the work and be completed in a short time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Autolock Pressure Gate

Autolock Pressure Gate

Doesn't need to be wall mounted. Tighten into place and it's held with pressure. It also locks itself shut. (via

Auto-Lock Safety Gate

Auto-Lock Safety Gate

Perfect for high traffic areas. Pass through in either direction and it latches with a simple swing of the gate. (via

Clear Safety Gate from Stair Gates Online

Clear Safety Gate from Stair Gates Online

Safety with a clear view of your children and pets. (via

Duragate Safety Gate from Stair Gates Online

Duragate Safety Gate from Stair Gates Online

Perfect for walk through areas and simple to install (via

Heirloom Wood Stair Gates

Heirloom Wood Stair Gates

Beautiful wood finish. (via

Stairway Special Safety Gate

Stairway Special Safety Gate

Perfect for any stairway or high traffic area. (via

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stair Gates and Safety Gates: A Quick Reference Guide

If you have been searching for a perfect way to provide convenient security with a minimum of fuss and bother these child safety gates are your answers. Auto Lock gates, pressure safety gates and high security stairway safety gates offer a variety of child protection options for all areas of your home. You have a choice of mounting some gate models to door frames or studs behind your drywall, or using the quicker, non-invasive pressure sensitive gates to ramp up the child friendly environment in your home.

Fixed, Hardware Mounted Gates
Fixed, or hardware mounted safety gates are usually designed for areas such as stairs to upper or lower levels. However, they can be put to good use in any environment. The Stairway Special Gate model is a safety design created to provide the maximum protection to a child in any area of the home. If your home has stairs leading to upper or lower levels this is the safety gate choice to consider. You may also use the Clear Safety Gate. This model works well at the top of stairways to keep toddlers safe from tumbles and falls. The latch will confound the most curious youngster, but lets an adult open and close the mechanism with only one hand. The lightweight aluminum construction allows you to mount the gate onto a stud at angles up to 30 degrees. There is a classic Heirloom Wood Safety Gate which combines maximum child protection and elegance at the same time. An easier to install model is the Duragate, that you can quickly fix in place with a minimum of fuss.

Pressure Sensitive Mounted Safety Gates
Auto-Lock Pressure Gate are easily mounted between the sides of a door frame or room opening. These rely on the pressure of a tight fit to hold them in place and you can move through the gates easily with a quick release latch which shuts behind you. It is constructed from sturdy steel and will last for many years.

Pass-Through/High Traffic Child Safety Gates
Auto-Lock safety gates are another easily installed child friendly option to keep your child away from any dangerous areas of the home. These are ideal for high traffic areas like the laundry room, bath or kitchen. These are constructed from lightweight aluminum which makes them a breeze to install and operate. Once they are in place, just use the unique patented latch mechanism that operates by a simple pull and twist. This lets adults and older children pass quickly through the gate and as soon as you are on the other side the gate can be locked by swinging it shut.

Whatever style of gate best suits your lifestyle and home, remember to measure the opening before ordering your gate of choice as you may need to include an approved extension to cover the entire area.

Chris Levy writes about child safety for parents and would like to invite you to visit StairGatesOnline for more information on finding safe, affordable stair and safety gates.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Choosing Stair Gates and Safety Gates

What to Consider When Choosing Stair Gates
Keeping children safe is the prime consideration in every parent’s mind. This is why choosing the right products like safe and trusted stair gates needs to be done with care. Just because something is being marketed for children does not mean that it is safe and dependable. Parents should know that there are some tips to keep in mind to make selections of safety stair gates and other child protection devices an easy and worry free process.

  • Choose stair gates that have a certification from JPMA or CPSC
  • Select stair gates made from sturdy material with secure latch fittings
  • Make certain that the stair gates are appropriate for the area where they are to be used. Some of these safety stair gates are only appropriate for use at the bottom of a staircase.
  • Choose a mounting system that is easy to install and will work on the walls of your home.

Having a certification seal from JPMA or CPSC is considered a gold standard for any products designed to be used by children. This certification ensures that parents are choosing an item that has met or exceeded every manufacturing guideline that promotes safety. JPMA is one of the largest groups that monitor whether or not children’s products meet the required safety standards. ASTM is the organization that lists all of the safety features and quality standards for products being prepared for market. JPMA is a separate product authority that works with ASTM and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to develop and maintain the highest level of standards and quality for the juvenile marketplace. When you notice the JPMA certification seal of approval you are assured that the product you purchase has been tested both during and after the manufacturing process. JPMA will only approve juvenile products like child stair gates after these items have met the most stringent criteria standards.

Material Strength and Mounting Systems
When choosing safety stair gates parents should always select those that are made from sturdy, dependable material. Cheaper items are readily available and these are constructed from flimsy plastics or cheap wood. These types of safety gates will not hold up under the weight of a determined small child and can result in a serious accident. The mounting systems must also be made from material that will be secure once installed. Hardware consisting of metal mounts is ideal and this type of setting can hold firm against the push and weight of small children who are trying to get through the safety barrier.

Aesthetic Appeal
It is only reasonable that parents would want safety features that have a certain aesthetic quality. You can find a number of different styles of child safety gates that block access to dangerous areas like open doors, kitchens and stairs. Many of these childproof gates have colors and designs that will let them blend into any type of d├ęcor. Parents need to make certain they are not sacrificing any safety features when they select one of the more aesthetically pleasing gates

Our Children Deserve the Best
A child’s safety is not something to jeopardize with an improperly chosen safety item. You want the best for your children and this means selecting safe and trusted stair gates that will prevent an unfortunate accident. Parents should always choose child gates that are made of high quality material, have a certification seal from JPMA or CPSC, and have a strong, durable mounting system. This will give your home the child friendly safety features that you can trust.

Chris Levy writes about child safety for parents and would like to invite you to visit for more information on finding safe, affordable stair and safety gates.

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